Complementary Workout Pass

The What?

A Complementary personal training program that can only be accessed by our privilleged customers. Dinesh Sadhasivam - Prokabaddi performance trainer who has trained many elite international/national athletes & actors will craft your personalized regimen that aligns with your goals.

The Who?

All our customers whose order value per month exceeds Rs.500 will get a complimentary pass to the program for a month.By purchasing products for Rs. 500 every month you can keep unlocking complimentary pass for every month.

The How?

Once you signup & provide us the details , you will get an email with your personalised training Program. Our trainer will rech out to you through emails to periodicaly track progress and will be availbale to chat for 4 hrs a day. 

About The Trainer :

Dinesh Sadasivam is an elite performance trainer with more than 10 years of experience in results driven training. His clientele includes many elite international athletes, actors & business tycoons. He is the strength & conditioning coach for prominent teams in prokabaddi league , TNPL etc..