Fitness is, but skin deep….

Fitness is, but skin deep….

Have you ever wondered - during one of your sweat-stained workouts or on-field sporting tussles – if you care enough for the largest organ in your body? Which one – you might ask. Here’s a clue – it keeps you warm or cool when you want it, it absorbs and distributes the sun’s bountiful nutrients and it has wonderful self-healing properties.

Yes – you got that right. It’s your derma – or skin as we call it.

Sweat is the body’s natural method of cooling and detoxifying, but letting it untended on your skin will get you into trouble. Leaving your hair sweaty after a power workout can lead to breakage, hair loss and buildup.

As a gym-freak, athlete or fitness enthusiast, you owe yourself a world-class skin and hair care routine.

But here comes the million-dollar question – Which brand epitomizes hair and skin care products for athletes? There can’t be one brand that could provide you with products that tick all the boxes – chemical-free, non-allergic with a safe pH value? Or could it?

Yep - Dermaworkout does just that. Dermaworkout is one of India’s premier athlete-focused brands. All products of Dermaworkout are unisex and are intelligently crafted to work on every athlete's skin and hair, free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulphates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, urea & colorants. Dermaworkout goes the extra-mile to provide the best for every athlete’s skin and hair.

  1. Hit the shower: Showering after a workout not only feels relaxing but also decreases the chance of rashes and breakouts. For this, you can use Dermaworkout Aqua Zumba Shower Gel, which provides a luxurious bath experience each time you step in the shower with its aroma. This gentle shower gel is purely hypoallergenic and leaves skin squeaky clean.
  2. Shake the Shampoo: Exercising can build up sweat and make your scalp feel the need of a good cleanser. Don’t search anywhere, use Dermaworkout Sports Nut Body Building Shampoo which is formulated to deal with unique hair problems. This gentle daily use shampoo with a PH of 5.5 and a combination of different proteins delivers good volume and regulates scalp sebum. Don’t worry, if you have a sensitive scalp, this one is surely for you. Try it out, and let us know how it worked for you.
  3. Cleanse your face: As your pores are already clogged, sweat and dirt from your face need to be washed off. Use Warm Down Face Wash, the gel face cleanser with a PH of 5.5, which doesn’t strip your skin of moisture but at the same time control excess sebum and acne-causing bacteria.
  4. Skip the Scrub: Whatever you do, don't use scrubbing at your face after a workout. Post-workout skin is very delicate and prone to micro-abrasions, so using a gentle cleanser instead of a harsh exfoliant is a better way to refresh your skin.
  5. Throw in the towel: Always use a clean and separate towel for your face. Not the one you use to wipe your body.
  6. Don’t Blow it: Don't use a heating tool on your hair directly because heat removes moisture from the hair. Therefore, if you have the time, let your hair air dry after you shower and if you don’t have sufficient time for it then try waiting for it to be at least 70% dry. Then you can use a hairdryer on a cold setting to dry your hair.
  7. Serum to the rescue: After a workout, your skin needs hydration and care and serum has a more powerful dose of active ingredients than a cleanser or moisturizer. Dermaworkout's CrossFit Serum Gel. packed with potent ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid & Niacinamide is the best fit for you. It not only improves the skin texture but also regulates sebum, reduces the formation of wrinkles and encourages the skin to fight against acne bacteria.
  8. Screen the skin: Never skip sunscreen because UV rays can cause damage to your skin. Use Dermaworkout Dr.Outdoor Sunblock to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. The SPF 35 PA++++ workout sunblock is an ideal true companion for your outdoors. Considering your active lifestyle, we have created a matte formula that is water, sweat & sand resistant.
  9. Don’t miss the facial: Aromas, massages, steamed towels, and soothing music add another level of relaxation that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system- helping reduce stress in the body. Facials not only give you glowing skin but they provide relaxation to your mind and body too. So, go for this monthly facial or massage, especially if you are an athlete.
  10. Water – the elixir: Drinking lots and lots of water is most important for overall skin health! So, with everything else, never leave a good amount of water intake. It helps keep your skin young, sweat more, boost energy and detox itself nicely.

We know what you are thinking - Finding the right skin and hair care product for you just got a whole lot easier. Get set. Set your Focus on the next workout and let Dermaworkout keep your skin and hair as fit as you are.