About us

Who are we? 

Dermaworkout is India’s first athlete focussed personal care brand that offers every athlete, the best of products in terms of quality, efficacy, and safety to meet his/her special needs.

Why Dermaworkout?

Breaking sweat every day is the most popular workout mantra for many sports enthusiasts around the world. Doing this without break outs, clogged pores, redness, irritation, dehydration remains quite a challenge. Today, the skincare market is flooded with confusing choices and most brands recommend a complex routine which is quite not required to be skin fit. They say that there is no one holy grail product that works for all. But we are here to challenge what's possible. We have carefully crafted our intelligent formulas that work on every athlete's skin. As professional athletes ourselves we understand our consumers' need for speed. We recommend a minimalistic two step dermatologist recommended routine to fix your skin concerns. We, as every honest brand should be, do not believe in sacrificing performance of our products for positioning purpose and because of this we follow nature+science approach to formulate our products.All our products have ample natural ingredients and are free from  parabens & sulphates.