Why is it important to follow a workout specific skincare regimen?

Working out improves blood circulation, can help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin which keeps the skin healthy & promotes collagen production. But this process gets you warmed up and your skin perspires to produce sweat with bacteria. When your body cools off sweat gets evaporated but the bacteria remain on the skin and causes order, clogged pores and rashes / acne when not washed on with right products.  Using high performance products that does the job without stripping the skin of essential moisture and maintaining a minimalistic routine should help you get rid of your skin woes.

Is moisturisation required for profusely sweating athletes?

Yes. It is important to moisturise twice even if you have an oily skin. Thoroughly clean your skin and apply a mattifying moisturiser preferably with high SPF in the daytime. Our matte finish SPF35 PA++++ sunblock should be a good choice. In the night use a hypoallergenic ultra ligt weight  serum such as our “Crossfit:serum gel” to rejuvenate your skin.

What is the best way to handle body acne?

If you workout regularly, you know that breakouts can be as much a part of an active lifestyle as those muscle gains. Particularly common? "Bacne," the painful bumps that can crop up on your back and make wearing things like tanks and swimsuits unnerving. "If you're prone to acne, you might experience chest, or back, and even all of these areas at the same time.Work out causes sweat which inturn leads to  build up of oil and bacteria that clog pores. The best way to handle is to wear loose fitting clothes while working out and showering immediately post workout with an effective showergel such as the “AQUAZUMBA : shower gel” that is specifically formulated for folks with an active lifestyle.

How to avoid acne/bad odour in armpits?

Acne and Bad odour is caused by the bacteria in the sweat and the friction caused by tight clothes.Wear loose clothes and also, use a deo stick that not only provides a refreshing scent but also kills the acne causing bacteria in the armpit region.

Why choosing right cleanser for athlete’s hair is often tricky?

Athlete’s have a unique problem which market brands don’t cater to.  An athelete’s scalp is always oily but the hair is dry due to frequent washing. While cleansers exist separately for oily hair, dry hair etc there are hardly any products in the market that caters to this condition. Hence it is important to choose the right set of products such as our “Body building : shampoo” which is custom made to cater to this specific condition is very important.